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3/19/2022Dom Davis Further role with Tech Educators, Supporting New Developers as Developer MentorWritten by Tim Smith

We are delighted to announce Dom Davis furthering his role within Tech Educators, by becoming a developer mentor. Dom is an alumni as CTO from TechStars (if you haven't read his book, 100 days of TechStars, we highly recommend it, it's free unless you decide to buy him a coffee for it). Dom is also the co-founder of Tech Marionette.

Dom, as a founder of Tech Educators is obviously extremely passionate about education of developers. Dom has helped us choose our course materials, ensured that our team are focused on the right outcomes and puts the wellbeing of students as an absolute priority.

We cannot wait to start supporting with our 'Ready to Work' to 'Ready to Contribute' model. Our approach to taking bootcamp graduates from a position of knowing how to support businesses, to contributing to pushing code. Dom will provide a mentoring appraoch to our graduates, ensuring that they are getting support in their new roles from someone who has been working in the industry and achieved great things.

Thank you for your continued support, Dom.

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Tim Smith

Tim is the course director at Tech Educators and brings with him almost a decade of experience working in various tech sectors, as well as the added benefit of being an alumni to a Full Stack Bootcamp.