Web3 Blockchain Bootcamp

This EVM based blockchain Bootcamp will focus on building on Polygon. It is designed for those with a solid foundational understanding of javascript. There is a huge demand for blockchain developers currently, this bootcamp offers an opportunity to explore and accelerate your learning in this space.

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Next Web3 Bootcamp Bootcamp 15 August 2022

How We Learn Together

Throughout our instructor led course, you will learn the fundamentals of working within web3 blockchain.

Blockchain and Cryptography Fundamentals

Learn about hashes, digital signatures, mining and proof of work and the bitcoin network.

Blockchain Accounts and Data Structures

Storing balances, trees and their data structures and tries.

Learning Ethereum

Ethereum and its features, clients and JSON and front end libraries.

Smart Contract Basics

Solidity syntax, functions and visibility, upgradability, libraries and contracts.

Mastering Solidity

Events, RNG and security, mappings and projects and an Escrow project.


Inheritance, solidity tokens, decentralised file storage, layer 2 scaling, rollups and skills honing.

Ethereum Ecosystem

Reentrancy, identity and voting, decentralised exchange, multi-sig wallets.


The opportunity to build your own dApp and solidify your knowledge into an outcome project.


Project feedback and graduation from the bootcamp.

Ready to Work

Spend time with our mentors and community as you start pushing code into web3 opportunities

Find your future

140 hours of instructor led learning

In person and Online

Our in person and online course is instructor led, designed to foster a community as we BUIDL together.

What‘s included

  • Instructor Led Tuition

  • Interactive classrom activities

  • As featured in Forbes

  • 140 hours of tuition

Learn to code

£1,500 FREE*

I'm a software developer with 5 years of experience, and to be brutally honest; I never understood anything about Blockchain technology even though I'm from a tech background. But, the Bootcamp with tech educators sent me on the road to being a blockchain professional in just one month. i would highly recommend tech educators for upskilling your career.

Vamsi Krishna

Tech Educators Web3 cohort

We can't wait to start this journey with you!

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Web3 Bootcamp Dates

  • 15 August 2022


    In Person and Online

    Ending on

  • 21 November 2022


    In Person and Online

    Ending on

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