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Tec Ed wins Contract to offer Funded Coding Bootcamps in Leicester and Leicestershire

Written by James Adams

Students on a coding bootcamp

We are delighted to announce that we will be working alongside Leicester City Council to offer our Software Development Coding Bootcamp with fully funded spaces in line with DfE Funding Eligibility for individuals throughout Leicester and Leceistershire.

Offered as part of a succesful bid by the council to the Department for Education, skills Bootcamps are flexible training courses for adults aged 19 and over. They last up to 16 weeks and offer participants a job interview on completion. Employers are able to use the scheme to hire new staff or upskill existing staff. We have provided a full list of skills bootcamps we offer in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Digital Skills have recently been a highlighted requirement in Leicester and Leicestershire in the East Midlands Local Skills Improvement Plant. The report provides a detailed analysis of the digital sector in Leicester and Leicestershire, noting that the area comprises a significant number of jobs in the digital sector and contributes substantially to the local economy. The sector is characterised by a high number of small firms, forming digital and tech clusters in various parts of the region.

The digital sector in Leicester and Leicestershire is mainly defined by software development agencies and digital design firms. These small to medium sized busineses play a cross-cutting role across all sectors.

The influence of digital technology extends beyond the digital sector itself, impacting a wide range of industries. The report identified that there are numerous jobs across core digital roles, underscoring the importance of digital skills for the region and the opportunties available for those who complete a software development bootcamp in the area.

It was further noted in the report that employers are finding it challenging to find employees with the appropriate digital skills, whether they are specialised or general digital skills, this is in part due to rapid technological evolution across various sectors .

“We are delighted to be able to become a part of the Leicester and Leicestershire tech community and deliver our coding bootcamp in the region under the Skills Bootcamps program,” said Tech Educators founder and CEO, James Adams. “The skills reports outline clearly the demand for high-quality, cutting-edge technologies and the recent LSIP for the region highlights the challenges of keeping ‘digitally relevant’ with skills and frameworks. We continue to develop our courses and offer to stay at that leading edge, as seen with the recent news about the relevance of PostgreSQL and us moving to Next.js in our course offering. The only UK provider to work with such a framework."

James went on to discuss a recent visit to the region the team took and the excitement he can sense in the region. "We managed to get to a few places around Leicester recently as a team, and visit investments the council has made into sites near the National Space Center in Leicester, and in the city itself. It's clear there is a deep focus on tech and there's a lot going on in the city. We've started working with partners already on jobs and opportunities. There's a lot of energy going into the region and we are looking forward to adding to that."

Businesses looking to support graduates into a career in tech from our bootcamp, can contact our business team through the website.

Students wanting to access our fully funded coding bootcamps in Leicester and Leicestershire can start by signing up to a fully funded taster session, where if they are interested, can go one step further and sign up for the fully funded course.

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James has 8 years with Fortune 200 US firm ITW, experience of managing projects in China, USA, and throughout Europe. James has worked with companies such as Tesco, Vauxhall, ITW, Serco, McDonalds. James has experience in supporting start-up and scale up companies such as Readingmate, Gorilla Juice and Harvest London. James completed his MBA at the University of East Anglia in 2018.

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