Learn Digital Marketing powered by AI over a 13 week period.

Digital Marketing with AI

Learn Digital Marketing powered by AI over a 13 week period.

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Develop new digital marketing skills and supercharge them with AI - the right way

As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace many organisations are left frustrated; feeling that their digital marketing strategies increasingly prioritise optics (such as trust indicators) over actual conversions.
More and more businesses are rightly asking for more from their Digital Marketing activities. Simply “having a presence” doesn't mean a return on investment. This course is designed to enhance digital marketing skills for practical business use, rather than merely instilling knowledge for exam success. Our aim is to develop a program that not only educates individuals on crafting digital marketing strategies that lead to conversions but also incorporates the latest technological tools, like Large Language Model based AI, appropriately.
It's not about just doing more marketing; it's about doing marketing better.

What we will cover

We know that trying something new might seem a bit daunting, so this is what we will cover.

  1. 01

    Digital Marketing Fundamentals

    We give you the tools to utilize digital marketing effectively in your organization. We define what digital marketing is, help you create a strategy for your relevant channels, and understand brand, persona, and segmentation to enhance your effectiveness. You'll grasp the fundamentals of email, content marketing, SEO, social media, paid media, measuring outcomes, and effectively blending these concepts.

  2. 02

    Getting to grips with AI

    Discover how to scale AI use beyond just churning out content lacking depth. We'll dive into the crucial skills of prompt engineering, the ethics behind content creation, and why editing AI-generated content is key.

  3. 03

    Real world projects

    Apply your fresh skills weekly at work—this course is all about hands-on learning, not just theory for exams.

  4. 04

    Final Project

    For your capstone, you'll channel everything you've learned into a one-month digital marketing project, primed for immediate business implementation.

Upcoming Digital Marketing with AI Courses
  1. 31 May 2024 - 23 August 2024
    13 weeks
  2. 10 September 2024 - 3 December 2024
    13 weeks
  3. 26 September 2024 - 19 December 2024
    13 weeks

So much more than just “using a bit of AI”

This course is designed to give you a relevant understanding of digital marketing in a modern business environment and equip you with the tools and techniques to embed AI into your marketing processes effectively.

What's Included

  • Instructor Led Tuition
  • Latest course material and tooling
  • Full project based course materials
  • Community access and support post graduation.
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Student Experience

Learn the fundamentals of Digital Marketing whilst embracing the power of AI

If you're interested in our digital marketing course, we understand you might be juggling work or other commitments that prevent daily visits to our campus. No worries! You can join our course in a flexible format that suits your schedule. The course runs one day per week for 13 weeks.
With campuses in Norwich, Cambridge, and Liverpool, and more locations on the horizon, you have the option to learn in the way that fits you best—be it in-person or through remote online classes.
However you choose to engage, rest assured that our courses are always led by instructors, providing you with access to an amazing community and the support you need to jumpstart your digital marketing skills.

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