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At Tech Educators we develop different. Our approach takes individuals from Ready to Work, to Ready to Contribute.

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Creating a sustainable talent pipeline

Invest in the future of your business, with new ideas and supporting the next generation of developers
  1. No hiring fee talent pipeline

    Support the future of tech talent with no hiring fees. You can support diverse tech talent into a career without the fees from recruitment agencies.

  2. Diversity at our core

    Our cohorts come from a wide range of backgrounds, our partners are supporting individuals with excellent transferrable skills and bootcamp experience within multiple tech stacks.

  3. Ready to work, ready to contribute

    Whether you are looking for junior developers, digital marketing executives.

Two students pair programming
We Develop Different

No hiring fees, just supporting the future of diverse tech talent.

Many bootcamps, or talent partners are looking for a contribution towards your hiring plans. That’s where Tech Educators are different. Our mission is to support the future of tech talent into a long term career within the industry. To do that, we need to make the hiring process as frictionless as we can for our partners.
If you feel that your organisation can support with developing the future of diverse tech talent, we would love to hear from you and work out a plan that makes sense for both organisations and ultimately the students we are looking to develop.

Let's talk about working together
A Picture of Jenna Buxton, Student Success at TechEducators.

We partner with some of the UK’s leading employers to support the future of tech talent in a number of ways. From real world coding challenges, our industry first career support, real world interviews and ultimately hiring our students.

Jenna Buxton
Student Success, Tech Educators
The Tech Educators team, all seated and standing around a couch in FUEL studios, Norwich

Our team are here to work to understand your organisations tech hiring needs.

We believe that the best partnerships start by understanding each others needs. That is why we always take the time to work with our partners and truly understand what it is they are looking from in a partnership.
We have had the opportunity to update, adapt and redefine our syllabus and projects with employers in mind. As well as set specific open and interview days, as well as review current students and graduates with specific transferrable skills. When we understand your needs, we can work to provide talent solutions that meet them.

Companies who have contributed to our mission

  1. TechEducators; partnered with Spotify.
  2. TechEducators; partnered with GitHub.
  3. TechEducators; partnered with Google.
  4. TechEducators; partnered with Netlify.
  5. TechEducators; partnered with Aviva.
  6. TechEducators; partnered with Twilio.
  7. TechEducators; partnered with Redhat.
  8. TechEducators; partnered with OVO.

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