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Skills bootcamps in Leicester and Leicestershire

We are delighted to be a member of the Leicester and Leicestershire tech community. Working with Leicester City Council we are delighted to offer a limited number of spaces on our skills bootcamps, with full funding.

Funding Eligibility

Reasons to start a tech career in Leicestershire

Our top picks of the reasons for a tech career in Leicester and the surrounding areas.
  1. Join the Silicon Canal

    Leicester is part of the Silicon Canal, a term that describes our own version of Silicon Valley, the vibrant tech scene across the Midlands. This initiative aims to promote and support tech startups and businesses, fostering a thriving tech ecosystem. Why not chose Silicon Cancel and become part of a dynamic network of tech professionals and companies committed to innovation and growth.

  2. Home of High-Performance Computing

    Home to some of the UK's most advanced high-performance computing facilities, the University of Leicester's ALICE supercomputer supports a wide range of scientific research from climate modelling to bioinformatics. This access to cutting-edge technology provides tech professionals with unique opportunities to work on complex and truly impactful projects.

  3. Tech Startups and Hubs

    With a rapidly growing number of tech startups and innovation hubs like the Dock, LCB Depot, and The Innovation Centre offer resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities for aspiring tech entrepreneurs. These hubs are true hotspots for creativity and innovation, providing an fantastic environment for launching and growing your tech career.

  4. Supportive and Inclusive Tech Community

    Leicester offers a welcoming tech community with numerous meetups, hackathons, and conferences. Whether in software development, game development, or digital marketing, you'll find the support and connections you need to succeed. The Leicester Startups group and events like the Leicester Digital Live conference showcase the city's collaborative spirit.

Available skills bootcamps for this area

Here's our current offering in the region, any funded spaces are first come, first served.

Software Development

Funded Spaces available

Our instructor led bootcamps are about so much more than just the code. When you join our cohorts, you join a community of developers.

What's Included

  • Instructor Led Tuition
  • Interview preparation and support
  • Globally Recognised Course Material
  • 6-month post graduation support

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Taster sessions follow the same pattern as our bootcamps and run from 9:15 - 16:00.

Unity Development

Our instructor led Unity gaming bootcamp is about so much more than just the code. When you join our cohorts, you join a community of developers.

What's Included

  • Instructor Led Tuition
  • Interview preparation and support
  • Industry backed and developed material
  • 6-month post graduation support
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Payment Plans, Funding and Scholarship are available

Digital Marketing

This course is designed to give you a relevant understanding of digital marketing in a modern business environment and equip you with the tools and techniques to embed AI into your marketing processes effectively.

What's Included

  • Instructor Led Tuition
  • Latest course material and tooling
  • Full project based course materials
  • Community access and support post graduation.
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Payment Plans and Funding Options Available

Proud supporters of the Leicester tech ecosystem

  1. TechEducators; partnered with Adaptavist.
  2. TechEducators; partnered with LLEP.
  3. TechEducators; partnered with Skills Bootcamp.
  4. TechEducators; partnered with DevelopHER.
The TechEducators team, sitting in the breakout space at FUEL studios.
Leicester & Leicestershire skills bootcamp

Joining a skills bootcamp in Leicester and Leicestershire

Thinking about enrolling in a coding bootcamp in Leicester or Leicestershire? Here's what you should know. Our courses are delivered remotely, with live, instructor-led sessions online.  

Our bootcamp, fully funded to support your career ambitions, is flexible to suit your needs and help you start your journey in tech. We provide robust support throughout your learning experience, but we do ask for a strong commitment to pursuing a tech career. Due to limited spots and fluctuating funding, availability may change. We’ll assist you with the application process, but please check the eligibility criteria below.

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Our one day coding bootcamp taster session is free for eligible individuals, who can join our funded bootcamp.

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Graduate reviews

  • I recently completed the 12-week full-stack bootcamp at Tech Educators and I cannot recommend it enough. The Course material was great and the instructors were amazing, knowledgeable and patient! The explanation and practice exercises helped me get familiar with coding syntax. If you are new to coding and want to learn coding in depth, go with Tech Educators :)

    Anisha Kaur

    Software Development Bootcamp

  • I attended the intro to coding day bootcamp with no coding experience and loved it. I was then awarded the scholarship to study the software development bootcamp and am now graduating as a junior developer. I have everything in the world to thank Tech Educators for, they have truly changed my life and have kick-started my career in tech.

    Leanna Lucas

    Software Development Bootcamp

  • I recently completed the 12-week full-stack bootcamp at TechEducators and I cannot recommend it enough. The curriculum was comprehensive and the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and patient. From day one, the instructors emphasized the importance of practical coding skills and gave us plenty of opportunities to practice coding on our own. The bootcamp was structured in a way that allowed us to learn at our own pace and build our skills incrementally over time...

    Hayden Kerr

    Software Development Bootcamp