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A career in tech can take you to all kinds of places.

Average salary for UK coders
Shortfall of coders in UK
Increase in tech startups in UK

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We are offering all UK residents access to our one day, or two evening, 101 course for free, instead of £99.

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Our MERN stack bootcamp is powered by Code Fellows, taking you on a journey into learning how to code and preparing you to be ready to work in a professional environment. Our ready-to-contribute support will help you make an impact in any organisation you join.

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We are growing quickly and adding a number of courses to suit different requirements that our students have.

Our Web3 Bootcamp prepares you for a future, working with the future.

Our solidity bootcamp is Powered by ChainShot, one of the worlds leading web3 bootcamps. With an ever increasing demand for developers who are building in this space.

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