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Fully funded coding bootcamp in Nottingham

Working with the Derby to Nottingham Local Enterprise Partnership, we are able to provide a limited number of funded coding bootcamp spaces for people living in Nottingham and the surrounding area.

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Reasons to start a tech career in Nottingham

Our top picks of the reasons for a tech career in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.
  1. A Rich Tech Scene

    Nottingham's tech playground is buzzing with giants! From fintech big shots like Capital One and Experian to health tech leaders like Boots, and the data wizards at Space Data Centres, this city's tech landscape is dynamic, bold, and thriving.

  2. Nottingham's Inclusive Community

    In Nottingham's tech sphere, diversity and innovation intertwine. This inclusive community welcomes all – from budding enthusiasts to seasoned pros. It's a vibrant hub where every voice fuels the tech revolution and every idea finds its space.

  3. A Legacy of Innovation

    Join Nottingham's legacy of innovation with our software development bootcamp. From Essen's atomic clock precision to Boots' breakthrough in Ibuprofen, this city breeds trailblazers. Start your tech career where history and future collide.

  4. Tech's Creative Playground

    Nottingham is buzzing with innovation hotspots like BioCity and The Ingenuity Lab. It's a city where tech minds and entrepreneurs find their creative sanctuaries. Dive into these hubs of innovation and supercharge your jump into the tech industry

Companies who have contributed to our mission

  1. TechEducators; partnered with DevelopHER.
  2. TechEducators; partnered with D2N2.
  3. TechEducators; partnered with Skills Bootcamp.
  4. TechEducators; partnered with Adaptavist.
The TechEducators team, sitting in the breakout space at FUEL studios.
Nottingham bootcamp

What does it take to complete a bootcamp?

For Nottingham's aspiring coders, our online bootcamp is your tech-upgrade ticket, right from your abode! No need to venture out; our digital campus beams state-of-the-art tech learning straight to your screen. Wherever you're based in Nottingham, a world-class coding education is just a click away.
Embark on our immersive, fully online bootcamp. A full-time, career-propelling adventure tailored for Nottingham's ambitious tech enthusiasts. This program isn't just about learning; it's a launchpad to your tech career, accessible from your own space.
However, snagging a spot in our coveted online bootcamp is as challenging as crafting perfect code on your first go. Availability is tightly linked to D2N2 LEP funding, making each place a golden opportunity. Nottingham's future tech stars, seize the moment, apply now and start scripting your tech destiny!

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Find out if a career in tech could be for you

Our one day coding bootcamp taster session is free for eligible individuals, who can join our funded bootcamp.

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Graduate reviews

  • I recently completed the 12-week full-stack bootcamp at Tech Educators and I cannot recommend it enough. The Course material was great and the instructors were amazing, knowledgeable and patient! The explanation and practice exercises helped me get familiar with coding syntax. If you are new to coding and want to learn coding in depth, go with Tech Educators :)

    Anisha Kaur

    Software Development Bootcamp

  • I attended the intro to coding day bootcamp with no coding experience and loved it. I was then awarded the scholarship to study the software development bootcamp and am now graduating as a junior developer. I have everything in the world to thank Tech Educators for, they have truly changed my life and have kick-started my career in tech.

    Leanna Lucas

    Software Development Bootcamp

  • I recently completed the 12-week full-stack bootcamp at TechEducators and I cannot recommend it enough. The curriculum was comprehensive and the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and patient. From day one, the instructors emphasized the importance of practical coding skills and gave us plenty of opportunities to practice coding on our own. The bootcamp was structured in a way that allowed us to learn at our own pace and build our skills incrementally over time...

    Hayden Kerr

    Software Development Bootcamp