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Fully funded coding bootcamp in Liverpool

Working with Liverpool City Region combined authority, we are able to provide a limited number of funded coding bootcamp spaces.

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Reasons to start a tech career in Liverpool

Our top picks of the reasons for a tech career in Liverpool
  1. Local Job Market

    Liverpool's tech industry is booming, creating numerous job opportunities. Local employers are increasingly seeking skilled tech talent—be part of this wave.

  2. Skill Demand

    Traditional industries in Liverpool are undergoing digital transformation. Acquiring tech skills will make you a hot commodity in sectors beyond just pure tech.

  3. Career Flexibility

    Tech skills are universally applicable. Whether you're in healthcare, finance, or art, tech literacy opens doors.

  4. Skill Longevity

    As technology evolves, the need for skilled programmers will only grow. Invest in a career that’s likely to stand the test of time.

Companies who have contributed to our mission

  1. TechEducators; partnered with Avenue HQ.
  2. TechEducators; partnered with New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership.
  3. TechEducators; partnered with Skills Bootcamp.
  4. TechEducators; partnered with Adaptavist.
The TechEducators team, sitting in the breakout space at FUEL studios.
Liverpool Coding Bootcamp

Home to our next campus

We are delighted to say that if you are thinking of completing your coding bootcamp in Liverpool that you will soon be able to at our upcoming Liverpool campus. There’s no need to do a bootcamp fully remote, if you don’t want to, when our campus is free and accessible.
Of course if you would prefer to join us part-time, with part time remote, or fully online you can do too. Our fully funded bootcamp works with you in the way that works for you, to get a start in your career in tech.
Spaces are extremely limited, and may be paused based on current funding available from the Liverpool City Region combined authority, so apply as soon as possible.

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Graduate reviews

  • I recently completed the 12-week full-stack bootcamp at Tech Educators and I cannot recommend it enough. The Course material was great and the instructors were amazing, knowledgeable and patient! The explanation and practice exercises helped me get familiar with coding syntax. If you are new to coding and want to learn coding in depth, go with Tech Educators :)

    Anisha Kaur

    Software Development Bootcamp

  • I attended the intro to coding day bootcamp with no coding experience and loved it. I was then awarded the scholarship to study the software development bootcamp and am now graduating as a junior developer. I have everything in the world to thank Tech Educators for, they have truly changed my life and have kick-started my career in tech.

    Leanna Lucas

    Software Development Bootcamp

  • I recently completed the 12-week full-stack bootcamp at TechEducators and I cannot recommend it enough. The curriculum was comprehensive and the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and patient. From day one, the instructors emphasized the importance of practical coding skills and gave us plenty of opportunities to practice coding on our own. The bootcamp was structured in a way that allowed us to learn at our own pace and build our skills incrementally over time...

    Hayden Kerr

    Software Development Bootcamp