Three students discussing and problem solving a problems. Laptops at the ready.

Our mission and values

Our mission at Tech Ed is to cultivate the tech talent of tomorrow by making high-quality, software development education accessible to everyone, at any level or personal circumstance.
Our comprehensive courses, expert instructors, cutting-edge curriculum, and hands-on approach, equip people with the practical skills they need to succeed right away, and the know-how to stay relevant as their career develops – From ‘hello world’ to world class.

Our values are what define us as an organisation

We follow these values in the way we interact with each other, our students and the wider tech community.
  1. Humanity

    In a world that increasingly relies on code to function – our humanity is what defines us. We’re not robots. We empathise, we converse, we understand emotions and we celebrate the wide and quirky variance of individuality.

  2. Inclusivity

    We believe that everyone should have the power to shape their own future, with equal access to the tools they need to succeed. No gatekeeping, no restrictions. Everyone should have access to quality education, regardless of their location, background or financial status.

  3. Ambition

    We have aspirations that could change the face of tech training, regionally, nationally and beyond. In a fast moving digital world, we believe it’s important to consistently challenge what we do and how we do it.

  4. Community

    We believe in fostering a sense of community that thrives on mutual support and a shared sense of purpose. From students, to alumni, from faculty to our industry partners, we believe in building strong relationships.

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