A one day introduction to software development to see if a career in tech is the right choice for you. Discover how HTML, CSS & JavaScript come together to build the websites you see day-to-day.

Coding Bootcamp Taster Session

A one day introduction to software development to see if a career in tech is the right choice for you. Discover how HTML, CSS & JavaScript come together to build the websites you see day-to-day.

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Take your first step into the world of tech with our experienced team and other people just like you.

This is the first step you will take on the path to a new career in tech. Whether you have worked in tech before, or are completely new to the industry, this one day taster session will let you know if learning with us is the way to break into the market.
We promise to make the day as enjoyable and fun as we can and by the end of the day you will have built your very own web page that you can show your friends. It’s also a great project to look back on, if you complete the full course to see how far you will have come.

What we will cover

We know that trying something new might seem a bit daunting, so this is what we will cover.

  1. 1

    An overview of the industry

    What is it really like to work in tech? What jobs can you get? Would you like them?

  2. 2

    How the modern web works

    We will look at how the modern web works, how the internet interacts with its users and unravel some of the tech terms you may have heard before.

  3. 3

    Learn some HTML, CSS & JavaScript

    The fundamentals of web development - we will teach you enough HTML and CSS to build a web page with a sprinkling of JavaScript to add a dash of interactivity.

Upcoming Coding Bootcamp Taster Session Courses
  1. 27 June 2024
    1 day

So much more than just “learning to code”

Our instructor led bootcamps are about so much more than just the code. When you join our cohorts, you join a community of developers.

What's Included

  • Instructor Led Tuition
  • Learn to code your first website in a day
  • Find out what a career in Tech could mean for you
  • See if the Tech Educators bootcamp is for you
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  • I recently completed the 12-week full-stack bootcamp at Tech Educators and I cannot recommend it enough. The Course material was great and the instructors were amazing, knowledgeable and patient! The explanation and practice exercises helped me get familiar with coding syntax. If you are new to coding and want to learn coding in depth, go with Tech Educators :)

    Anisha Kaur

    Software Development Bootcamp

  • I attended the intro to coding day bootcamp with no coding experience and loved it. I was then awarded the scholarship to study the software development bootcamp and am now graduating as a junior developer. I have everything in the world to thank Tech Educators for, they have truly changed my life and have kick-started my career in tech.

    Leanna Lucas

    Software Development Bootcamp

  • I recently completed the 12-week full-stack bootcamp at TechEducators and I cannot recommend it enough. The curriculum was comprehensive and the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and patient. From day one, the instructors emphasized the importance of practical coding skills and gave us plenty of opportunities to practice coding on our own. The bootcamp was structured in a way that allowed us to learn at our own pace and build our skills incrementally over time...

    Hayden Kerr

    Software Development Bootcamp

Tino Mpofu's thoughts on the Tech Educators Coding bootcamp taster session

Since starting the course, I no longer feel worried about my progress, I'm learning new things every day and am surprised at just how much I know already. Tech Ed teaches you to have a growth mindset, which I now apply to everything in my life, work environment or not.

Tino Mpofu
Freelance Software Developer
Peer to peer support in classroom is a valuable skill to learn, when moving into a software development career
Student Experience

Try our taster session in a way that works for you

In the same way that we run our full course, we understand that each student has their own needs and ways of working that they want to use to get the most out of their experience.
With campus’ in Norwich, Cambridge and Liverpool; and more coming online all the time. You can learn to code in a way that suits you best. Whether that is in person, or remote online.
Whatever way you choose to learn, know that our courses are always instructor led, giving you access to an incredible community and support to kickstart your career in tech.

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Find out if a career in tech could be for you

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