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Student Focus: Jack Doy

Written by James Adams

Jack Doy

We love talking to our students, today we caught up with Jack Doy, web3 enthusiast who is now turning his focus to being a crypto coder. Here's what Jack had to say about his time so far with Tech Educators.

So Jack, you are now just over two weeks into your full stack coding bootcamp with Tech Educators, how are you finding it so far?

I am loving it! It has been such a great experience. I wish I had started sooner if I’m honest. I have learned a lot about the world of software development and I’m really excited to see where it goes next.

What made you decide to dive into coding? Has that always been the plan?

I have always been into computers and tech from a young age and thought about going into a coding career but I just never took the plunge until recently, when from a life perspective, the opportunity arose.

You have a good amount of knowledge in the blockchain space and you will be doing our blockchain bootcamp after the full stack course, why does blockchain development interest you?

I have been involved in the Web3 world for nearly a year now and blockchain has always been an area where I would love to explore more, so I’m really excited to start that course after. The possibilities are endless with blockchain and it is going to be the future.

You have taken a hybrid approach to the course, coming into the office and doing some of the learning from home, how has that been for you?

It has been much easier than I thought to be fair. When I come into the office, the people are so friendly and welcoming, it’s such a great space to be. In the office it’s very interactive as you can just ask any questions you want and Tim (our teacher) is right there to help you. It’s the same as being remote, he always has time for everyone and it’s really a great environment to learn in too.

What would you say to anyone looking for a career in software development and thinking of joining a Tech Educators coding bootcamp?

Absolutely go for it 100%, you will not regret it! I have already recommended the course to 5+ people who have a passion for tech and they are looking at their options. I never thought I would gel so much with coding, it really is like following a dream for me, so don’t hesitate and book in now!

We will keep track of Jack's progress, as he continues his journey into software development and blockchain technologies. Until next time code fans.

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