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End of Studies Interview: Munyaradzi Chikara

Written by James Adams


TECH ED: Hi, again, Munya! We're a day away from your Graduation Ceremony and this will be our final interview. How are you feeling today, and how are you feeling about the upcoming Demo Day and your presentation?

MUNYA: I'd say I’m very pleased. There’s much more yet to learn but I am very pleased —I now know what to look out for. My plan is to dive deep into things like Express and JS and Mongo DB). I’m not nervous at all — I'd say I am really excited/ happy about the upcoming graduation tomorrow! I will presenting a game made in Javascript that uses Express and MongoDB.

TECH ED: Do you have any plans for after the Demo Day? What will your first Monday outside of your studies be like?

MUNYA: Yes of course! I'm planning more studies!

TECH ED: What is the situation like with the work side of things?

MUNYA: I’ve spoken to a few people about work prospects — and from the feedback I'm already getting, I feel I can quite comfortably get a job around 30K straight after the course even though I have just finished my studies!

TECH ED: Amazing! Speaking of job prospects, I understand you’ve been working with our partners — Langham Recruitment in this, could you tell us if you've received any support?

MUNYA: They have been very helpful and supportive — for example I have been working with Dan (Langham Recruitment) and I have received a lot of feedback and guidance with my CV, which in turn helped me with my job search and career prospects.

TECH ED: I've seen your portfolio and I think it looks amazing — could you tell us more about it and about the support you’ve received when putting it together? Either from your course instructors, peers or mentors?

MUNYA: That's an interesting one. I'd say the support network was always there, however I have decided to mostly put the portfolio myself, as I wanted to put an emphasis on solving any problems independently. This was a personal choice, though, but the support network was always there (and don't forget Dr Google!) which in big part helped me along as I knew I was never completely on my own.

TECH ED: Speaking of Mentors, have you already found or been paired wit a Mentor? If yes, could you tell us who it is, how it happened and why?

MUNYA: Yes, Simon is now my Mentor, and he is actually the one who chose me. I believe he was very impressed with my work and coding skills, so he'd reached out to me and offered to be my Mentor. He has helped me quite a bit as he's done quite a lot to recommend certain things and give me advice on how I can best apply my skills and potentially what work / career routes to then take, which I'm very grateful for.

TECH ED: Could you tell us about the journey you feel you’ve made from before you started and now? How different do you feel? Has this course helped change anything in. Your life?

MUNYA: I’m quite impressed with how much my life has changed. I am both proud of the progress I've made, which came as a result of my efforts and my achievements. But I am also extremely grateful to Tech Ed for the opportunities they've provided me with. I must say it's also more than that — yes I now have career prospects I can't wait to get started on, but I have also met wonderful people who I can now confidently call my friends, which is just as precious and does not happen every day. I have met really wonderful people, it’s changed my life and given me a future and a career)) I’ve also made some amazing friends and that won’t go away after the graduation :)

TECH ED: On that note, are you planning to still maintain a connection with the Tech Ed in any capacity once you strike out on your own?

MUNYA: Yes, I was actually considering returning at some point as a Mentor. I feel like I would like to give back to the community that gave me so much.

TECH ED: What have you learned and what do you feel you can do now and do you have any clearer ideas on where you’d like to work or do after your studies?

MUNYA: I'd still say I'm very open-minded about anything the future might bring. However, I have been thinking of trying myself in areas related to Games, Cyber Security and SEO. The reason being is that I really enjoy learning things that I don’t know because I like the challenge — a bit part of what Tech Ed have taught me is "learning to learn", and by now it's just become second nature and a form of a comfort zone to me.

Essentially I'm looking forward to finding the next mountain to conquer — I think I may have a go at learning Unity and C#. I'm especially interested in them from the game-creation point of view.

TECH ED: Are you excited about the new beginnings?

MUNYA: Yes I am! I literally can’t wait to get started!

TECH ED: Is there anything else you would like to say or add? Any successes you're happy to disclose or talk about so far?

MUNYA: I'd like to give a piece of advice: If you want something - go get it! :))

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