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Full Stack Graduate Gets Hired By Aviva

Written by James Adams

Leanna Lucas Gets Hired

Our deepest, most heartfelt congratulations to Leanna Lucas for getting a job offer from Aviva!

A few days ago Leanna made history by accepting a job offer with Aviva. Always being focussed and dedicated to her career in tech, Leanna was snapped up even before the full completion of the Full Stack Course.

In her new position as a Norwich-based Web Developer at Aviva, Leanna will start off with a short period of intense shadowing, which will then lead on to her fully taking over the role. She will, of course, still receive internal support and mentorship.

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Leanna will still be maintaining her connection to Tech Educators as a Student Liaison, meaning she will still be here to support the next generations of students with a range of issues and activities, ranging from questions and queries regarding their studies all the way throughout their professional journey.

As a bonus, even though the Student Liaison role was originally created to support our students at Tech Ed, being a very active member of the Tech Community, Leanna expressed her willingness to provide help and support to anyone who feels may need it and benefit from it.

If you feel like you have any questions, do feel free to contact Leanna via her LinkedIn profile and just take it from there!

When asked what particular aspects of this new opportunity she is most excited about and how she generally felt about the process leading up to her role, Leanna opened up about experiencing a range of emotions from the very natural and expected feelings of uncertainty at the start of something new, to being genuinely thrilled about a sea of opportunities that had suddenly opened up before her.

Finally, this being her first post-graduate job in the world of tech, both ourselves and Leanna appreciate the importance of having been given the opportunity and the responsibility of starting an independent, self-managed role with plenty of room and opportunities for growth.

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