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Career Support

Supporting the future of tech talent.

Each cohort we bring together speakers and industry experts to support our students on their journey into the world of tech. We have an open invitation to schools and colleges to join our talks too. For free.

Our career support program is designed to support the future of tech talent, across the industry.

Our commitment at Tech Educators is to support the future of Tech Talent across the industry. Creating opportunity for all, no matter your background or experience, we believe a career in tech could be for you. This is a mission we cannot achieve on our own.
Each cohort, our careers support includes speakers from some of the biggest names in tech, speaking about the soft skills and careers aspects of the industry, rather than technical talks around the mechanics of specific areas. We see this as an opportunity for many to understand what the industry is like from a personal perspective and inspire others to continue their learning that will ultimately lead to a career in tech.
To inspire and support the next generation of tech talent, we have opened our industry talks up to schools and college partners across the industry to join us. These events take place online, remotely and we welcome other education institutions to join us completely free. We actively encourage participation in our Q&A sessions too.

Career Support Activities

How we support our students and the wider community

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    Industry Talks

    Open to schools and colleges, our industry talks are designed to inspire the next generation of tech talent and show that you too can have a career in tech.

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    Pathway Exploration

    Working with our careers team, students review all the possible uses of their new skills and adapt and align them to the world of tech that they want to pursue.

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    CV Preparation and Applications

    Working with the careers team, our students tailor their CV’s to the focus in industry they want to pursue and begin applying for roles.

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    Mentor Workshops

    Our students have the opportunity to be involved with fireside chats with experienced developers.

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Our open commitment to schools and colleges

All our industry talks our are open for schools and colleges to attend, for free.

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Pictured, Stephen Sage, Student Success at Tech Educators.

Through our careers support program, we take students on a journey to prepare for a career in tech. With speakers from industry, pathway discussions, CV tailoring and 1:1 support, a career utilising the skills learnt through our bootcamp is the ultimate aim of completing the course.

Stephen Sage
Student Success, Tech Educators