Our Team

  • Tim Smith

    Tim has a long career working within the tech industry. Tim is a tenured software development instructor, with a number of students taught through his time working with Tech Educators from employee number one. Tim manages the delivery team.

    Tim Smith

    Course Director

  • Rich Saunders

    Rich brings a powerful combination of experience and knowledge to his role as Operations & Marketing Assistant. With 9 years under his belt in customer service and operations, he understands what it takes to keep things running smoothly. Adding to that is his diploma in digital marketing, making him a true asset in developing clear and impactful marketing materials. His strong communication and organizational skills ensure everything runs like clockwork.

    Rich Saunders

    Operations & Marketing

  • Jeremy Johns

    As a fully trained teacher, and teaching instructor, Jeremy heads up our continuing professional development and leads our approach to delivering our courses with maximum impact for all learners.

    Jeremy Johns

    Education Lead

  • Sam Louloudis

    Sam, a distinguished graduate from the Tech Educators course, now joins us as an instructor. With a proven talent in software development and a passion for teaching, Sam plays a pivotal role in our delivery team. As an instructor, Sam is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring that all students successfully navigate and complete our course.

    Sam Louloudis

    Software Development Instructor

  • Akshat Sinha

    Akshat is an experienced video game professional who has previously worked in development, design, and art roles, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the overall game creation process. Having completed multiple video game courses as a student, he has gained a strong understanding of the skills necessary to enter the industry, balancing technical and creative abilities to become industry-ready.

    Akshat Sinha

    Unity Instructor

  • Davina Singh

    Davina joins us after a decade of experience in STEM education and management. She is a highly driven self-taught coder who is passionate about software development and igniting that same spark in others. As a seasoned educator, Davina is a vital part of our delivery team and ensures that every student receives the support and guidance needed to ace our coding courses.

    Davina Singh

    Teaching Assistant

  • Cordelia Snape

    Cordelia is a member of our team after graduating from a previous Tech Educators course. She began our course as a complete coding novice, so she understands how it feels to not understand. However, as a former TEFL teacher, she is excited to support everyone’s learning as they go through their coding journey.

    Cordelia Snape

    Teaching Assistant

  • Joe Venton

    Joe comes from a background in teaching and Science Communication and after graduating from the Tech Educators course, is very excited to help our students begin their journey into the world of coding. He is especially eager to work with mature students and students that may have been out of education for extended periods - He's aware how difficult it can be for these learners and can definitely help you realise your potential!

    Joe Venton

    Teaching Assistant

  • Manuel Gonzalez Garcia de Blas

    Manuel comes from a background in teaching English to speakers of other languages, which helps the delivery team tailor lessons considering the needs of learners who speak English as a second language. Having finished the course himself, Manuel has a unique understanding of the learners’ experience and can contribute to the support and development of future developers.

    Manuel Gonzalez Garcia de Blas

    Teaching Assistant

  • Ayisha Yarbo

    Having recently completed A levels in Psychology, Photography and Criminology Ayisha has joined our team to develop her business administration skills and knowledge. We feel passionately that people’s first experience of the work environment should be professional, fun and supportive so hopefully Ayisha will love being part of our team.

    Ayisha Yarbo

    Assistant Administrator

  • Stephen Sage

    Stephen has recently joined our Commercial Team to guide our graduates through the early stages of their tech careers. As a graduate of our software development bootcamp, he understands the challenges of job hunting after completing the program and empathises with our graduates' journey and is well placed to help them through it. With his background in commercial relations and account management, Stephen is also focused on forging connections with potential tech partners to help our graduates secure their first role in the tech industry.

    Stephen Sage

    Commerical Assistant

  • Shaun Church

    Shaun joins us with an incredible history within the tech community. Shaun is incredibly passionate about educating the future of tech talent and has a great overview of tech and the tech landscape, which will be invaluable for the team.

    Shaun Church

    Head of Content

  • Kate Yarbo

    Kate started her career as a registered mental health nurse before becoming Managing Director and exiting a group of schools for children with learning and behavioural difficulties. Kate brings years of experience of ultimate responsibility within an OFSTED registered education setting.

    Kate Yarbo

    Managing Director

  • Alex Scotton

    Alex is the driving force behind our local developer community NorDev. Alex believes in creating an environment where our students can achieve their full potential. Supporting TechEd to make it a reality.

    Alex Scotton


  • James Adams

    James started his career within American multinational ITW, receiving his MBA before starting Akcela. James founded Tech Educators as a response to the ever increasing demand for developers and becoming frustrated with the quality, engagement and outcomes of sub-par, self-paced courses.

    James Adams

    Founder and CEO