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Alex Scotton Joins Tech Educators as a Developer Mentor

Written by Tim Smith

Alex Scotton - Development mentor at tech educators

We are delighted to welcome Alex Scotton as a developer mentor here at Tech Educators. Alex brings years of industry experience working as a developer through some of the East of Englands most notable startups, as well as being the organiser (read driving force) of NorDev, the most notable developer community in the East of England.

Alex is extremely passionate about education of developers and ensuring that the work we do here continues to drive high outcomes. Alex has taken the time to understand our mission and comes on board to ensure that over the coming weeks and months, we support new talent into the market in the right way.

We cannot wait to start supporting with our 'Ready to Work' to 'Ready to Contribute' model. Our approach to taking bootcamp graduates from a position of knowing how to support businesses, to contributing to pushing code. Alex will support us in doing just that.

Welcome Alex.

About the Author

Tim is the course director at Tech Educators and brings with him almost a decade of experience working in various tech sectors, as well as the added benefit of being an alumni to a Full Stack Bootcamp.

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