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Student Focus: Drew Collins (Pre-Course Talk)

Written by Tim Smith

Drew Collins

Where do you currently work or where did you use to work?

I currently work in construction as a digger driver, and I've been in construction since I was 16

How did you hear about us? Why did you choose our course?

I heard about you from someone who has been on the course — we have been friends for 13+ years now, and they reccomended coming on it, if I wanted to change my career prospects. So I did.

Why are considering a career in tech?

I have always kind of been into tech, but never in too much detail, and I've also always been a little bit of a gamer at heart! I started investing in crypto a couple of years ago, and the more research I did into projects, the more amazed and impressed I got with the technology behind it, which is when I thought to myself "wow, I wish I could do cool stuff like this!"

Have you had any coding experience before?


I just signed up for the Introduction (Coding 101 course) as a taster to see if it was for me, and I loved every second of it — it honestly had me itching for more!

Do you have any concerns or worries now that you're getting into tech?

Not really, I just hope I can pick it up quickly, and continue to really enjoy it!

Do you have any expectations regarding what you’d be doing?

I'd imagine it to be very enjoyable and impressive — I honestly can't wait to see how everything works and how it all comes together!

What is it that you’re looking to get/gain from the course?

I'm looking forward to getting a job in the industry and furthering my tech skills.

You are completing our Full Stack Bootcamp (going all the way from Introduction to Advanced) do you have any plans regarding what you'd do next?

Not a plan as such just yet, but I would just like to see where I find my niche in the coding and software development industry, and then just take it from there. I know I want to get a job in this industry, and hearing the current group going into interviews already, and getting LinkedIn requests from recruiters and interacting with employers. That's awesome.

If you feel like Drew's experience resonated with you, and you're curious to find out more, check out our Introduction course, which would let you dip your toes into what we're doing!

Alternatively, if you feel like going the extra mile, you can have a look at our Full Stack Bootcamp, which is the most comprehensive course we've got!

About the Author

Tim is the course director at Tech Educators and brings with him almost a decade of experience working in various tech sectors, as well as the added benefit of being an alumni to a Full Stack Bootcamp.

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