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Tech Educators Represents at Sync The City 2022

Written by James Adams

Tech Educators represented by Tim Smith with DiceCasters at Sync the City

The Tech Educators community was incredibly well represented this year at Sync The City, with a range of developers, mentors and more being working together to build a startup in just over two days.

It was a good turnout for the teams too, with two of the three prizes going to Tech Educators Alumni and Staff.

DiceCasters won the blockchain award of £500, which started with course Director Tim Smith's one minute pitch. The startup aims to support indie boardgame developers build out their games, with the support of artists, story creators and early play testers getting a share of the revenue for their input/

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DiceCasters being announced as the BlockChain and Web3 Prize Winners

Recent graduate, Jack Doy, also took the technical lead on TrustM3, which was also mentored by our founder James Adams. TrustM3 is a blockchain enabled validation platform for skills and employment, that cuts out the fuss of hiring qualified candidates, and allows trusted individuals to rate employers and create industry expert content, backed up with verifiable achievements and experience.

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TrustM3 winning the overall Judges prize at Sync the City 2022

On behalf of everyone at Tech Educators, congratulations to everyone involved in Sync the City. It is an incredible event and we are proud of all that the graduates, staff and mentors did in supporting their teams.

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