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Welcome to the team: Chris Seaman

Written by James Adams

Chris Seaman to join Tech Educators

We are delighted to welcome Chris Seaman to the Tech Educators team.

Chris is an experienced business owner, who decided to move on from his successful company, kickstarting a career in tech. Chris is a graduate of our full stack coding bootcamp, which after spending some time learning to code alone, through self paced courses, he joined to gain full insight into the MERN stack course.

During this time, Chris has learnt the Tech Educators methodology to teaching and has supported our classes and his fellow students complete their course.

We recently announced the fact that Tech Educators had received training partner status with Amazon Web Services. Chris will be joining Tech Educators on January 3rd, to begin his training as a MERN Stack Course Director. Chris will also focus on delivering our AWS courses, set to launch in 2023.

Tech Educators CEO, James Adams, once more confirmed the need for further resourcing with a new cohort announced for March 16th.

"Our January 16th Cohort has expanded beyond the numbers we would want for a Course Director and Teaching Assistant. Such is the level of demand we are seeing for our courses. Bringing Chris on board, an experienced individual who understands the Tech Educators team, philosiphy and what it takes to be succesful in completing the course, also made perfect sense. This allows Chris to prepare for his own cohorts, under the guidance of an experienced CD."

"This hire also prepares us for the work we are doing with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Chris has the capability to continue his AWS learning alongside our partners to go the levels above in his own accreditation, to support the next wave of individuals using that technology, coming through our bootcamps. It also begins to give us strategic options for our campus locations. Meaning we can help out more individuals across a wider geography, with in-person bootcamps."

Does learning to be a software developer sound like something you would be interested in? If so, why not try our coding bootcamp taster session, this session can be done over one day, or two evenings, for just £14.99 and see if a career in coding might be for you.

About the Author

James has 8 years with Fortune 200 US firm ITW, experience of managing projects in China, USA, and throughout Europe. James has worked with companies such as Tesco, Vauxhall, ITW, Serco, McDonalds. James has experience in supporting start-up and scale up companies such as Readingmate, Gorilla Juice and Harvest London. James completed his MBA at the University of East Anglia in 2018.

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