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Welcome to the team: Rich Saunders

Written by James Adams

Rich Saunders joins Tech Educators

We are delighted to welcome Rich Saunders to the Tech Educators team. Rich has held many technical roles throughout his career, and has recently completed our evening full stack coding bootcamp, to solidify his technical capabilities. During this time, Rich has learnt the Tech Educators methodology to teaching and has supported our classes and students complete their course, showing an incredible talent towards teaching and supporting others.

Rich will be joining Tech Educators on January 3rd, as he begins his role as Teaching Assistant, supporting students on our January 16th Daytime, Full Stack coding bootcamp.

Tech Educators CEO, James Adams, confirmed the need for further resourcing to keep up with the demand for courses and maintain a good student to instructor ratio.

"Our January 16th Cohort is set to be our biggest cohort yet. We are seeing more and more demand from private individuals, companies who want to put their staff on our courses, and from the government skills bootcamps. All of this means that, to continue to deliver great outcomes, we need to ensure a good learner to instructor ratio"

"Rich has demonstrated a real aptitude to software development, having been involved in the industry for a number of years. He also truly understands the Tech Educators model of supporting students with guided learning, sandbox learning, pair coding and beyond. He is going to make a great addition to our team, and we cannot wait to start working him."

Does an evening coding bootcamp sound like a challenge you would be ready to take? If so, why not try our coding bootcamp taster session, which can be done over one day, or two evenings, for just £14.99 and see if a career in coding might be for you.

About the Author

James has 8 years with Fortune 200 US firm ITW, experience of managing projects in China, USA, and throughout Europe. James has worked with companies such as Tesco, Vauxhall, ITW, Serco, McDonalds. James has experience in supporting start-up and scale up companies such as Readingmate, Gorilla Juice and Harvest London. James completed his MBA at the University of East Anglia in 2018.

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